Premier Mastic Asphalt



Mastic asphalt, when used on underground structures, provides a continuous waterproof lining or ‘tanking’ to walls, floors and foundations, constructed in direct contact with the earth.  In addition mastic asphalt is used for  lining structures in water and sewage treatment works.

When fully confined it will provide an effective barrier to the transmission of water from the ground for the design life of the structure in which it is incorporated.

Acid resisting mastic asphalt taking can also be used to line bund walls and emergency catchment areas where corrosive liquids are involved.

Types of Mastic Asphalt

Mastic Asphalt for Tanking and Damp-proof Courses (limestone aggregate) BS 6925: 1988 Type T 1097.

Although Kitemarked and covered by BSI Certification the following grades are manufactured to within much narrower requirements than those set out in the British Standard Certification

Tankstar B
Product Code 4301
BS 6925:  1988
Type T 1097/1/B

The most economic tanking grade with an asphaltic cement composition of 100% bitumen.



Tankstar T
Product code 4302
BS 6925: 1988
Type T

The addition of 25% Trinidad
Lake asphalt to the asphaltic
cement composition gives
improved laying qualities and
greater thermal stability

Permanite Asphalt manufactures an Acid Resisting Grade of Mastic Asphalt Tanking for situations where contact with acidic substances would occur.  Please contact Technical Services for more information.