Premier Mastic Asphalt

Special Applications

Oil Storage in Basements

Mastic  asphalt tanking will be seriously damaged by contact with oils.  In tanked basements where fuel oil is stored or spillage of oils may occur provision should be made for an oil resisting lining which will resist saturation of the concrete loadings by oil leaks and consequent damage to the tanking.

Boilers and Furnaces in Basements

Where a boiler or furnace is installed in a basement which has been tanked with asphalt, provision should be made for the insulation beneath it.  The insulation will prevent the transmission of excessive heat into the floor which might cause cracking of the concrete and possibly damage the asphalt membrane.

Tank Linings

When a sump of manhole is not in a tanked area and is lined with mastic asphalt the frequent discharge of hot liquids combined with appreciable fluctuations in the level of the liquid in the tank may cause slumping of the lining.  Provision should be made to provide permanent structural support for the mastic asphalt in the form of an inner brickwork lining.