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Single Ply Repair and Maintenance

Repair and Maintenance

All roofing systems will require periodical inspection and maintenance. BS6229: 2003 recommends that all flat roofs be inspected annually, it also states that in areas of high dust or pollution, inspections should be carried out more frequently. This ensures that dirt or debris is removed before causing damage and that signs of failure can be reported and remedial action taken at an early stage. Ideally flat roofs should be inspected once every six months, in the Spring and Autumn. These inspections involve a routine look at the roof structure and its ancillary services. In Spring it is important to check that the gutters and outlets are not blocked by fallen leaves which may cause water to pond.

Once A Year

Each year it is essential that a roof inspection is made as a routine maintenance requirement to identify any potential problems and renew damaged components.

Before any work is undertaken the original specifications should be consulted as the roof may be under guarantee. If there is a guarantee it is essential that remedial work is carried out by the original approved applicator to ensure that the guarantee is not invalidated. As with the six monthly inspection, the roof must be checked for debris and gutters and outlets cleaned. Gratings and wire cages should be renewed where necessary and flashings, trims and cappings replaced if damaged.