Premier Mastic Asphalt

Mechanically Fastened

Installation Benefits

Sure-Weld mechanically fastened roofing systems are fast and easy to install utilising roll widths up to 3.6m, and minimal system components.

TPO Mechanically Fastened

Sure-Weld TPO sheets are mechanically fastened along their edge, and the adjoining sheet is overlapped and joined together with a minimum 40mm wide hot air weld. Hot air welding provides the strongest and safest seaming method available in the industry today. The system is installed using automatic hot air devices that make sheet welding clean and consistent whilst also reducing strain on the roofing applicator.

  • High productivity
  • Smooth flat appearance
  • Few components
  • Flexible application
  • Negligible VOC’s
  • Instant seam strength
  • Competitive cost advantage
  • Wind uplift performance inherent in the system
  • Hot air welded
TPO Mechanically Fastened