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Fastener System

Sure-Weld HP-X Fastener System

The unique HP-X Fastener System has been specifically designed as an integral part of the complete Sure-Weld Roofing System. The fastener spacing in the membrane laps are normally determined by the profile of the metal deck and the designed fixing density is therefore achieved by varying the width of the individual sheets of membrane across the roof. The design loads for the Sure-Weld HP-X fastener system have been determined by independent large scale dynamic wind uplift tests, however pull out tests will be undertaken on all existing roof decks to determine actual design loads for calculation.


  • 60mm diameter Pirhana plate with 12 barbs that penetrate the membrane and the substrate trapping the membrane firmly in position
  • Mini drill point fixings creates a force-fit action
  • Epoxy electro-deposition coating provides excellent corrosion resistance and reduced “head fill”
  • Increased fastener performance
  • Reduction in the number of fasteners
  • Allows larger roll widths to be used
  • Fewer joints
  • Reduced installation time
  • Reduced cost
  • Large 5.85mm diameter buttress thread, the flat top allows more of the thread to be in contact with the underside of the deck

Factors influencing the behaviour of a Mechanically Fixed System

The effects of wind on a building and in particular the roof depend on various factors i.e. the shape of the roof, the height of the building, its geographical location and its degree of exposure or topography.

The various parts of the roof i.e. the roof edges, flat surfaces, changes in level and projections are all subject to stresses and must be considered in the calculations of the roofing system when designing the resistance to wind action.

The fastener density and pattern are individually designed for every Sure-Weld project to comply with the codes of practice BS6399 (additional codes can be accommodated if required) and this requires the need for increased fastener density at perimeters and corners to account for higher wind uplift forces

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