Premier Mastic Asphalt



Sure-Weld TPO provides long term weather resistance and demonstrates excellent protection against extremes of temperature and is proven throughout the world in both the hottest and coldest climates. Sure-Weld TPO is ozone and UV resistant whilst its physical and performance properties remain virtually unchanged throughout its serviceable life.

Fire Approvals

  • BS476 Ext. – FAA Grades Available
  • UL Class A
  • Factory Mutual Approval
  • Building regulations – unrestricted use
  • Din B2
  • Danish Institute of Fire Technology
  • Veritas M3
  • Security in Application

Adjoining sheets of Sure-Weld TPO are fused together by hot air welding which is generally considered to be the strongest and safest method available in the industry today.

Typically for the main area of the roof an automatic welding machine is used providing clean and consistent welds whilst providing maximum control over both temperature and speed.

Sure-Weld TPO exhibits a wide “welding window” allowing perfect welds to be produced over a broad temperature range.

On completion the integrity of each weld is checked manually with a seam probe or an electronic integrity test may be carried out.

Biological Resistance

Sure-Weld TPO will not rot, support plant growth and is resistant to bacteria found in normal atmospheric pollution, animal fats, grease, hydrochloric acid and calcium chloride (salt).


Sure-Weld TPO roof membrane can be installed on all major roof deck types such as plywood, timber boards, profiled metal, concrete and cementitious screeds and is not affected by direct contact with commonly used roofing materials such as bitumen, asphalt, mortar, polystyrene or rubber. This makes Sure-Weld TPO the ideal membrane for overlaying existing roofs