Premier Mastic Asphalt

Types of Mastic Asphalt

Mastic Asphalt for Flooring (limestone aggregate) BS 6925: 1988 Type F 1076 and Type F 1451.

Although Kitemarked and covered by BSI Certification the following grades are manufactured to within much narrower requirement than those set out in the British Standard specification.


Special hard grade, light grade, medium grade, heavy grade.
Each grade has its own special quality, selecting the correct grade will involve discussion with the asphalt contractor.


Where a decorative finish is required, for example in domestic premises, offices, schools and hospitals, flooring asphalts can be supplied in red.


Many internal floor areas fall outside the categories previously mentioned in that the buildings are unheated or subject to rapid changes in temperature e.g. sports halls and warehouses.

For these applications special flooring/paving grades are available which are less sensitive to temperature variations.