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Mastic asphalt has a long and successful higtory covering a wide range of uses as a waterproofing medium for roofs, basements and foundations, and as a surfacing material for floors and paving.

The product comprises suitably graded aggregates bound together with an asphaltic cement (primarily refined bitumens) to produce a dense voidless material.  It cannot be compacted and is spread rather than rolled.


Mastic asphalt can be applied to form a continuous waterproof covering over flat, sloped or curved surfaces and can be worked round pipes, roof lights and other projections.

It can be laid on most types of rigid sub-structure such as concrete, pre-cast concrete deck units, timber boarding, metal decking and other proprietary decking units.  Thermal insulation materials can easily be laid as part of a mastic asphalt specification to give any required U-value.  Treatments applied to asphalt can provide a surface suitable for traffic, increase solar reflectivity and provide a decorative finish.

Mastic Asphalt is traditionally recognized as one of the best and most durable waterproofing membranes.  The development of polymer modified asphalt applied in accordance with the correct design detailing will ensure many years of maintenance free life.

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